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The Metrowax team digs for days to come up with a few cherished Hip Hop records. Records that can't be sold until their memory is preserved. This is what we call 'The Magic Stack'.

Some of the best hip hop records we found were mixed by our friend rchecka. Download your free copy of  "The Magic Stack Volume 1 - Hip Hop Mixtape", and enjoy some of the best of our favorite underground Hip Hop!


The Magic Stack Volume 1 - Hip Hop Mixtape

Track Listing:

01. Intro Sarcastos Big Question
02. Kaotic Style - Represent
03. Chilla Frauste & the Ice Cold Crew - Bed Time Stories
04. Shelton-D - Shelton D is Outstanding
05. Aladin - Makin' a Killin'

06. X-Cess - Looking For Busta
07. The Hoodz- Pull out your Gatz
08. Live Wirez - Straight from the Dome
09. Cutmaster - Dippity Doo Di Dummy
10. Trickeration - Western Gangster Town
11. DJ Watkins & Crew - Jealousy
12. Rockwell Noel & The Poet - Taking you out
13. Interlude Actual Call to Metrowax (Names Changed to Protect the Innocent)
14. Deep South - Beat Em' Down

15. Kornerstonz - Front On Me
16. Immortal Technique - Bin Laden Remix
17. rchecka Gone With the Thrill (Interlude)
18. KGB - Bless Ya Life
19. Shabazz the Disciple - Concious Of Sin (signed promo)
20. Da Porkchop - Big AC Material
21. Live & Direct - Rock Bass Line
22. Peach Tha 5 Ft Troopa - MC's step up
23. Normskola - Half Man
24. Dark Skinned Assassin - The Horror
25. Brothers of the Mind - Kick Facts

These tracks are rare hip hop treasures that are rarely seen and always sought after. When we do decide to sell a few, there's no doubt they will sell quickly.  For first dibs on these and other Hidden Records Revealed, please subscribe to our Hidden Records Revealed Emails.

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