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Sell Vinyl Records to Metrowax

Metrowax is buying records, though most obtained in our locale of Western Wisconsin do not have the qualities we prefer. Here are some examples of the type of collections we buy.

Vinyl Records Wanted

When you have decided to sell vinyl records, look to a trusted dealer thatís always holding up the vinyl records wanted sign. Sell vinyl records to Metrowax, and youíll get a professional buyer that knows how to treat people right. The main types of vinyl records wanted include large collections, retiring DJs, record pools, record stores, record distributors, and radio stations! If they are unusual, we probably want them!

Retiring DJs

All the greats eventually retire, except of course for the immortal Brett Favre. If you are a DJ, and you have some good stuff, we will probably buy it. Most DJ records are not in the best of shape if they were actually used for spinning, but we will probably still buy them. The titles must be good and they must be unpicked for us to consider any condition that is not excellent to mint.

Radio Stations

We buy promo 12 inch records and LPs from radio stations. If you literally have tons to rid yourself of, give us a shout! We specialize in rare and obscure releases and are always chasing them, and we buy whole collections.


We do not buy all estates, but if the records fall in our genres and tastes, we may consider it. We prefer to stay with 1970s and newer music, but some of the older genres that we will buy include rock and roll, disco, jazz, blues, R&B, and soul. We generally stay away from classical, rockabilly, polka, waltz, and big band records. Generally most records found in thrift stores we do not buy.

Record Stores

Running a record store and no longer want to? Contact us and maybe we can work out a deal, we have done it before!

Individual titles and small collections

If the titles are well focused in the genres we sell and the records are high quality and worth the purchase, we will consider buying smaller collections or even individual items. Generally, records we chase are rare and unusual, or really desirable and good selling titles. Below are some particular styles that we are constantly after:

-Independent label hip hop 12 inch singles 1999 or earlier
-Mainstream hip hop 12 inch singles and LPs 1995 or earlier
-New jack swing 12 inch singles and LP 1993 or earlier
-Electro 12 inch singles and LP 1980s, good titles
-Freestyle 12 inch singles collections, good titles
-Artist or label runs and collections, if interesting
-Disco/Funk/Soul 12 inch singles and LP collections, good titles
-Independent rock 12 inch singles and LP, industrial, punk

In general, we will buy the rare and unusual, and collections with good potential value. If you are considering selling your vinyl, contact Metrowax for a fast and friendly quote!

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